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Climex for                 
       Climate Matching


Dymex for Modeling Natural Systems




Climex - Climate Matching Made Easy

predicts the potential distribution and relative abundance of species in relation to climate. Climex is currently used in over twenty countries to examine the distribution of insects, plants, pathogens and vertebrates for a variety of purposes, including biogeography, quarantine, biological control and impacts of changes in climate and climate variability.  More on climate matching software...

Dymex - Modeling Natural Systems

A powerful, user-friendly population modeling program, DYMEX provides researchers with a means of building complex population models for any species simply by clicking on menu options and answering questions. These models help to summarize our understanding of a species' population dynamics, identify gaps in knowledge and enable rapid evaluation of management options.

DYMEX allows rapid model construction and needs no computer programming so allowing population ecologists to construct models easily. The models created can be used for real-time decision support or to explore the impact of a wide range of conditions, including various control strategies.  More on population modeling software...

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