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Climex - Software to model the effects of climate on species




CLIMEX Features       


CLIMEX contains tools for customizing maps and for manipulating meteorological data. MapManager allows editing, selection and customization of map displays, while MetManager allows extra meteorological data to be reformatted into the CLIMEX format and added to the database, and subsets of data to be created. 

Climate/Irrigation Scenarios

CLIMEX allows users to consider the potential implications of climate change or of irrigation on the abundance and distribution of species. The 'Greenhouse' option simulates the impact of different temperature and rainfall conditions, and the 'Irrigation' option allows users to apply a given amount of water per week. With either option, different scenarios can be applied in summer and winter months. 

Meteorological Database

CLIMEX is shipped with a database of records from about 2400 meteorological stations worldwide. It needs monthly long term average maximum and minimum temperatures, rainfall, and relative humidity. 

The MetManager allows the user to edit lists of stations into subsets, and to add new data for specific locations of interest. It also allows the use of grid-based data, so long as it conforms to the CLIMEX format with space delimited data. 

Windows Interface

Users are able to display several maps, graphs and tables simultaneously as well as having the option of including one or two species in a run. This package includes the MetManager and MapManager modules that facilitate the manipulation of meteorological data and customization of maps. CLIMEX offers graphical capabilities, drop-down menus, easy-to-use dialog boxes and a detailed online Help system.

User's Guide & Help System and Tutorials

CLIMEX comes with an extensive User's Guide that explains the theory behind CLIMEX, its algorithms and parameter setting procedures. CLIMEX also comes with an Online Help system and 50 pages of tutorials and answers that act as a 'Teachers Resource'. 

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