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Climex - Software to model the effects of climate on species




CLIMEX - Software to Predict the effects of climate on species

Climate is one of the major factors limiting the distribution of plants and cold-blooded animals. Using climate information, and knowledge about the biology and distribution of a particular species in its original habitat, CLIMEX enables a rapid, reliable assessment of the risks posed by the introduction of different organisms, and can be used to predict locations to which it could spread.

CLIMEX can also be used to identify possible collection and release sites for biological control agents. Possible changes to the greenhouse effect can be tested.

CLIMEX is currently used by many governments, agencies, universities and schools worldwide to examine the distribution of insects, plants, pathogens and vertebrates for a variety of purposes, including biogeography, quarantine, biological control and impacts of changes in climate and climate variability.

This program was developed by CSIRO Entomology in 1985 and has had numerous successful applications under practical conditions.

Software Highlights

  • In-depth interpretation of climatic responses of biological organisms.
  • Geographical mapping of responses.
  • Seasonal graphing of growth and stress responses.
  • Annual indices of responses for organisms in one location.
  • Global meteorological database which can be inspected, edited or added to.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Customised maps.
  • Greenhouse effect scenarios.
  • 9 tutorials with sample answers.

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