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Dymex - Software to model natural systems




DYMEX Features

A Builder and Simulator

DYMEX consists of two programs: a Builder and a Simulator that provide a user friendly platform on which to create and run population models.

MS Windows Interface

DYMEX has a graphical interface providing students and researchers with a simple means with which to build and run models in the Windows environment. Models and their components are presented in a way that is readily understood by ecologists.

Modular Format

The models are created in a modular form, with each module dealing with a separate process, allowing great flexibility to modify or extend the model.

An Extensive Module Library

DYMEX contains a library of user-adjustable modules, each of which performs a particular function.

User Documentation

DYMEX comes with two comprehensive Userís Guides, step-by-step tutorials and an online Help system.

No Programming Needed

No programming and therefore no code debugging is needed to build a DYMEX model.

No Code Maintenance Costs

All code is already written and thoroughly tested.

Easy to Use

One of the major aims in the construction of DYMEX has been ease of use, "user friendliness". Simple models can be constructed relatively easily with limited time spent on learning DYMEX. A good understanding of the biology of the organism is still needed but DYMEX takes the pain out of model building by automating many processes.

Rapid Model Building

A model can be created very quickly using DYMEX as the process is analogous to the use of building blocks, with a large amount of functionality available in each block. Of course, fitting the model to the data and validation are still required, though DYMEX provides facilities to ease these tasks.

Extendable Models

Models created in DYMEX can easily be changed and extended using the Builder.

Transparent Design

The entire structure of the model can be made visible within the Builder and Simulator.

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